Sheer Heaven Faux Tiles with Alcohol Inks
Sheer Heaven from Cre8it
All other stamps and supplies from After Midnight Art Stamps, LLC

I used quarter sheets of Sheer Heaven.

Stamped with Versa Mark and embossed with clear embossing powder.

(People often ask how I achieve the rich textures and authentic 'aged' look in some of my pieces.
Note the grungy piece of baking parchment that I had been using for days with many alcohol ink experiments.
Bits of that got on the back side of the Sheer Heaven.
Note the filthy Versa Mark pad. That goes far in explaining that Zeborah look.)

I squirted quite a bit of blender fluid on and dotted in a lot of gold Krylon leafing pen ink.

Then I added drips of Ranger Alcohol inks. I used mostly reds, browns and butterscotch for this first application.

I added some blender fluid with a bit of gold Krylon to my felt piece.
I pounced the inks with this piece of felt.
(Note the felt. This was a piece of felt I had used for other projects, so it had traces of LOTS of other colors in it.)

I cover the whole piece to make sure the edges of the tile wouldn't have a demarcation line. I kept adding layers of ink until I liked the look.

I dried the inks on this one for a bit with my heat gun. Using the heat gun dulls the finish a bit.
I think it gives a more stone or low fired ceramic look. Then I rubbed over the piece with some green metallic rub on wax.
I used my fingers to get the base coverage. It was applied fairly heavily.

I used a clean piece of felt with a tiny bit of blender fluid to scrub over the waxed surface. Gave a worn mottled look to the piece.

(You can really SCRUB the Sheer Heaven. I love the way it holds up to abuse. It is such a survivor. )

On the second piece, also done in the red shades, I put on another layer of inks- mostly the same colors with a little eggplant added.
The more layers of ink, the richer the colors become.

A few more layers of ink can make some drastic changes.

I put more blender fluid and Krylon on another piece- without any embossing.
I tried out some greens, blues and yellows on this one.

After some pouncing.

Stamped with Versa Mark OVER the alcohol inks and embossed with clear.

Embossing over the inks.

Added more layers of inks and Krylon and blender fluid.
(I could have stopped here. Almost did.)

I wondered if you could remove the inks in parts of the image to make the pattern show up more clearly.
So I poured some blender fluid straight onto the center of this tile.
It removed most of the ink from the Sheer Heaven- but left it on the embossed parts.
The background still has subtle sheer color and the raised lines are richly colored. !! Cool!!

Carefully pounced the edges for a nice smooth border effect.

I tried adding some clear tar gel to the back of this.

I like the way the light comes through this. It has interesting possiblities.

I tried one with some silver and gold Krylon pens. I used some of the Studio 2 inks on this one mixed with the Ranger inks.
I used various shades of grey in the Studio 2 inks. Eggplant and one of the reds and maybe some brown with the Rangers.

(The Studio 2 inks are hard to find. I think they have been discontinued. ???
It's a shame. I rather like them. They are thicker and don't have as much flow as the Ranger inks.
It's nice to have the wider color range for mixing shades though.)

I embossed the large butterfly stamp in clear and rubbed over it with some silver rub on wax.

Wanted more contrast, so I went over it again with some dark purply rub on wax.

This one looks great from the back side too.

You get a very different look depending on which side you view the Sheer Heaven from

I burned this piece with a soldering iron. Probably not safe- but I liked the look of it.

You can get a lot of different looks with this.

I love the natural stone like texture viewed from the backside of these.
I added a swirl of texture with some Clear Tar Gel by Golden on this one.

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