+ Math = Fun!
Use an A4 sheet of card stock and measure and mark at left side (portrait position) up at 4cm intervals to 24cm with pencil dot. Along bottom from left corner measure and mark with a dot at 4cm and 8cm. From the 8cm mark measure up again at 4cm intervals as before and lightly mark lines across alternating line lengths between 8cm and 10cm.. Starting at bottom this will be 8cm long and the next one 10cm long and then 8cm etc etc Lightly mark all diagonals using the template as a guide and extending 1cm off top edge to create the tabs. Cut out the piece and shape the tabs at top.

Crisply score and fold along the length of all diagonals with the marked side still facing you. Next score the valley horizontal lines still on the marked side. Flip it over and score the mountain lines. Turn back to front. Rub out all lines and decorate as desired. In the pictures below I was using Lumiere’s and painted the whole thing first and stamped my images, marked my lines and then did the scoring and folding.

The half diamonds at left edge will not be visible and act like tabs to glue under diamonds at right.

Start at tab end and bend the left side half diamond back and glue to rear of right full diamond pressing in the valley fold as you go which helps it fall into shape. When firmly stuck glue next half diamond behind next full diamond and then finally glue last half diamond to rear of last full diamond. To finish bring tabs around from the end to the other end and glue into slot so you now have 3D looking hexagon. Once it is all dry gently press on outer diamonds and the hexagon will rise up and over to a new area over and over again!! It revolves through four facets in total.

See it in Action! Video Clip!

It's hard to stop flipping these. Great projects for kids. Annette learned to make them from her daughter. It was a class project.

But I'll bet they didn't look as amazing as this!

Thanks to Annette Husband aka Annette from Oz