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AM003 - Long Mask (medium) - MOLDS AFRICAN

AM003 - Long Mask (medium)

This mold is for a tribal style mask. Size is 4.8x2.2cm

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AM008 - African Profile (medium) - MOLDS AFRICAN

AM008 - African Profile (medium)

This mold is for the profile of a beautiful African woman. Size is 3.0x2.1cm.

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AM016 - African Mask (medium) - MOLDS AFRICAN

AM016 - African Mask (medium)

Mold of a tribal style African mask. Size is 2.5 X 1.7cm.

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AM023 - Petroglyph (medium) - MOLDS AFRICAN

AM023 - Petroglyph (medium)

This mold is for a medallion with a petrogylph. Size is 3.7x3.7cm.

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AM034 - Mask (medium) - MOLDS AFRICAN

AM034 - Mask (medium)

Mold for a tribal style mask. Size is 3.0x2.0cm.

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AM054 - Cave Deer (medium)

Mold for cave painting style deer. Size is 2.8x3.7cm.

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AM059 - Witch Doctor (medium)

Mold for a witch doctor mask. Size is 4.0x1.8cm.

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AM079 - 2 African Profiles M&F-lge - MOLDS AFRICAN

AM079 - 2 African Profiles M&F-lge

Mold for two African profiles. Size is 4.0x2.9cm.

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AM081 - 2 African Female Profiles - MOLDS AFRICAN

AM081 - 2 African Female Profiles

Two sizes of this beautiful profile. Size is 3.9x3.8cm.

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AM166 - African Oval (XLarge)

I love African art and this mold is one of my favorites. Size is 5.8x2.8cm.

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AM146 - Large African Shield (lge) - MOLDS AFRICAN

AM146 - Large African Shield (lge)

I love African art and this is a great mold. Size is 6.0X1.6cm.

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AM102 - African Head (Large) - MOLDS AFRICAN

AM102 - African Head (Large)

Another great African mold to add to your collection. Size is 4.1x3.1cm.

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AM249 - West African Mask (Med) - MOLDS AFRICAN

AM249 - West African Mask (Med)

Size is approximately H 3.0cm x W 2.0cm.

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AM345 African Shield XXLGE - MOLDS AFRICAN

AM345 African Shield XXLGE

Available Nov 15th 2013 African Shield by Michelle Zimmerman H 7.3 cm x W 4.2 cm

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