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Krafty Lady Moulds

Opals in Krafty Lady molds

By Millie Owen/ Linda Hanson

I love these torso molds. They look great with the Opals marbled in them.

This has to be one of my favorite molds. I really get a lot of use from this one.

Opals with glueBy Zeborah Loray

I did a mix of Opals and hotglue to get the swirled pattern and the lacey edge.

Mostly Opals with just a small amount of hot glue pellets.

I had these around for a long time before I found something they would work with. I like them on this simple frame holding a distressed piece of clip art.

Greek goddess
By Zeborah Loray

Black hotglue with metallic rub ons. I added a velvet skirt and framed it.

Torso Moulds
By Zeborah Loray

They also look great done with Delight Air Dry Modeling Compound.

Torso Mould
By Zeborah Loray

This one is cast with toilet paper and colored with some PearlX powders.

Torso Mould
By Zeborah Loray
Done using Craft Porcelain clay.

Jeni Caulkins
By Jeni Caulkins

I love Jeni's work. Her layouts are wonderful. She used some of Linda's handmade paper in this piece.

Elephant god
By Zeborah Loray

You can combine molds to create some interesting images. ;)

I wouldn't want you to think this was the ONLY mould though. There are hundreds of Krafty Lady molds to choose from.

Check out some projects using other Molds HERE.

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