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So, what is all this about collage stamping? Are there rules to follow? Do you need special stamps to do this?

Let's explore this a bit.

"Collage" was originally a French word, derived from the word coller, meaning "to paste."

Pictorial technique of applying printed or found materials (e.g., newspaper, fabric, wallpaper) to a flat surface, often in combination with painting.

You could start with some collage stamps.
After Midnight carries some beautiful stamps that will give you the collage look.
You don't have to use a collage stamp though.
It's fun to create your own backgrounds and add embellishments.
After Midnight carries a wide range of stamps. Everything from vintage to out of the box artsy.
We have a great line of background stamps and elements that are perfect for collage.
You can stamp them plain or color them in.
You could add embellishments if you wanted- but they look good all on their own.

This is a fast way to achieve the look of collage. Try stamping this type of stamp over a brayered background or an alcohol ink background!

You want a well balanced composition, with colors that work together. You need a focal point of some sort and you want to arrange your elements to lead the eye through your composition. There is frequently a theme for a collage- but you can interpret that any way you want.

Other than that, it's up to you. Give it a try. Have fun with it.

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