ATC Journal from Caputo's Kits- available from After Midnight Stamps

I was very intimidated by this ATC Keeper kit when I first looked at it. I'd never really done any bookbinding or hand made journal type projects before. But I ended up having alot of fun with it.
The kit had bookboard and metal posts for holding it together.
With plastic sleeves inside for the ATCs.

I used aluminum foil and tyvek for most of the covering.
Various inks and paints provide the color.

Embellishments are either Shrink Plastic or made with silicon molds.

The scarab image is printed on a transparency.

Some fancy fibers finish it off.

I didn't follow the instructions to the letter- but I was happy with the way my version turned out.

I started by covering the main cover boards with aluminum foil.

I crinkled it up, smoothed it back out, and applied some paints and inks.

That part was fun.

Using the aluminum foil made doing the covers really easy. I didn't have to worry much about mitering corners and such.

I just used PVA glue to hold it down.

Oh yeah- I had ended up texturing the foil a bit with some tools, just drawing on it with the end of a paintbrush mostly. I almost forgot about that part.

I used some Tyvek for the edge binding. Tyvek is really tough stuff. Great for book making.

It is colored with Ranger Distress inks, DPT.

I got confused about how to do the inside parts- so I just winged it. Not the best job- but anyways..... More Tyvek with Distress Inks.

The beads and the frame are all made with heated Tyvek.

I made some shrink plastic charms.

And used some molds for the other embellishments.

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