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Meanwhile, back at the ranch.......

Start your day with a cup of gourmet coffee while enjoying the view from one of the two upper balconies. The magnificent vistas encourage your muse to soar to new heights.

Continental breakfast: cereal with fruit, bagels, cream cheese, hard boiled eggs, frozen waffles, rolls, coffee, juice. This will be available all morning for those who aren't breakfast eaters but get hungry before lunch.
If you want eggs and bacon, you are welcome to use the kitchen facilities.

The kitchen is always open- 24/7. We'll have snacks available all day and lots of coffee, iced tea and hot tea, soft drinks, water, etc.

We know that creating art can work up a hearty appetite.

Feel free to use the dining area or upper balconies any time you need to refresh your mind, body or spirit.

These are relaxing, comfortable spots with beautiful views.

Let me introduce Molly.

Molly has graciously agreed to tolerate the retreat group.
She demands very little attention. She might even take the option of retiring to her private room upstairs.

She has very little interest in artistic pursuits, but she does enjoy hiding in the storage room. She loves playing hide and seek with Linda.

Our official "Greeter", Hannah.

Hannah sees everyone as her new best friend.
She never demands attention, but always apppreciates it. She is an 'outside dog' during the day, and has a nice comfy bed in the garage at night. She spends a lot of time out and about with Tom.

We have 5 bedrooms to accommodate Retreat attendees and instructors. Two bedrooms are on the main floor and the other three are on the downstairs level. One room has a queen bed, one room has a double bed and the other three have twin beds. Every attendee (instructors included) will have a private room. We have a bathroom on each floor, one with a tub and shower and one with a shower. There is also a bathroom with shower in the After Midnight Store. You will have to share bathrooms.
You'll also have plenty of closet space for storing your personal possessions.

Tom's office.

You can take a shopping trip with a short walk to the After Midnight Art Stamps store!

After Midnight is the USA distributor for Opals embossing enamels and the wonderful Krafty Lady Art Moulds© from the lands down under.

After Midnight carries many different products for all your art needs.
Check out the shopping cart at our on line store to see what is offered.

Lunch will be salads/sandwiches/subs/soup.
We will be using Jeni Calkins' great recipe for tortilla soup or Tom's wonderful Pozole or maybe Jen Lowe's great vegetarian crock pot soup. They are all GREAT! You are in for a real treat.

Tom will be in charge of our dinners. We will start out with a Mexican fiesta the day you arrive, with wines and Margaritas. This will be a fun get acquainted thingy. We can sit around the fire pit and talk about art trends - or whatever.

I know we'll definitely have Tom's salmon one night. Probably his ribs, barbequed chicken, maybe a Mexican fish dish.
Tom is both a great fisherman AND a great cook. He even bakes! Anyone for cake and ice cream?
We can order pizzas if we want too. The local pizza joint is only 10 minutes away.

The art studios in the main house are well stocked and spacious. Plenty of room to work.
The garage is also air conditioned and can be used when we need a BIG space that we can get messy. Lot of open space under the shade trees for working outside if you like.

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