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Some things just don't fit in a catagory.

Bisque Ceramic Hand holding medallion

Stamps: Winged Scarab
Surface colored and textured with Lumiere Paints, Colorbox Inks, Embossing Powders, with a Gel Medium Tranfer applied to the back.
The medallion was made with Fimo Polymer Clays. Colored with Metallic wax rub ons.

Artist: Zeborah Loray

I made a ceramic hand for no apparent reason. I was hanging out in a ceramic studio and started playing with clay. I used it for keeping track of rings on my dresser. It was a very creepy hand.

Than I started playing around with Golden gel medium transfers. A picture of some fireworks exploding with steaks of light reminded me of veins- and there was this hand...

The hand needed color though. Well, between Lumiere Paint and metallic Colorbox inks and various embossing powders- the hand became extremely colorful. Also loaded with texture.

Now for the Gel Medium transfer. Gel Medium transfers are great for applying images to textured, oddly shaped objects. Apply a layer of gel - slap the transfer on- and top with another coat of gel medium. I should have stopped there- but I kept wondering what would happen if I zapped this with my heat gun. So- when you zap gel medium transfers they bubble up and get distorted. As it is cooling you can smoosh it back down. It now has a skin like feel to it. Very, very creepy texture. Cool!

The hand wanted something- I had a Fimo medallion stamped with the Winged Scarab, added a beaded necklace. I handed it to the hand.

This is a nice Halloween decoration- but it may end up in a shrine of some sort eventually.

Back of the Hand-
with Gel medium transfer for veining.

Hand from the side.
Very creepy hand. :)

Making Gel Medium Tranfers:

Gel Medium tranfers are very easy to make and use. You can find simple to follow, very comprehensive directions at the Golden Gel Medium website.

Lots of interesting information on their website. I'm a big fan of their products.

Zeborah Loray

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