OPALS embossing enamels
by Zeborah Loray

Using stamps with OPALS embossing enamels, encaustic wax and the Melting Pot

You can purchase a Melting Pot, OPALS embossing enamels and encaustic waxes on line from
After Midnight.

Always set the temperature control of your Melting Pot at the highest setting and let it preheat for a few minutes for using with OPALS. Then add your OPALS embossing enamels.
Cover the Melting Pot to keep an even heat and allow the embossing enamels to liquify more quickly.
It doesn't take long for the embossing enamels to melt.
Lift the lid to check often.

I had some stamps that I had been using with the encaustic waxes.
Man- were these stamps a mess. They had colored wax all over them.

Stamp by Cory Celaya from After Midnight Art Stamps.

I poured a mixture of dark colored OPALS embossing enamels over the wax coated stamp. Not bad- very distressed looking embellishment. Almost a Fresco look. This has possibilities.

Another wax coated stamp.
I decided to try it with the Franklin (clear) OPALS.

Stamp by Cory Celaya from After Midnight Art Stamps.

Don't worry about pouring over the edge of the stamp.
Simply peel off the excess while the embossing enamel is still slightly warm to the touch.

Stamp by Cory Celaya from After Midnight Art Stamps.

WOW! This I like a lot. Most of it is clear.
You can vary the look depending on what you place behind it. :)

So, you can clean most of the wax off your stamps AND get some interesting art pieces.
What more could you ask for? ;)

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