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Instructions for CD Decorative Medallions and Embellishments
By Zeborah Loray

Start with a standard CD. If you don't have any dead ones yourself - just ask anyone you know who burns CDs on occasion. They will probably have some that are non functional. Or you can use the promotional CDs some companies send you in the mail. We do not recommend rewritable CDís as the silvery finish tends to come off.

You can paint them with Acrylic paints or gesso.

These were painted with black gesso and marbled with Interference Lumieres.
I added some Art Institue glitter to the one on the left.
The one on the right side was first painted with black gesso and marbled with Lumieres Interference Blue, then had silver Opals EP added to the edges and clear EP with a bit of Opals blue on the rest.

Click to see enlarged image.

This was also done with black gesso and marbled with Lumieres Interference Violet using a feather.

Or just ink them up and add embossing powders.

Cd on left has about four layers of different colored Opals EP applied. The SW Moth stamp coated with Gold Colorbox ink was pressed into the warm embosssing powder. I highlighted some parts of the moth with colored metallic buffing waxes. The colors work well with the Opals.

The CD on the right was stamped with the SW Moth stamp in black and embossed with clear EP. I colored parts of the wings with gel pens - embossed with clear Ep again - then over inked the whole thing with a rainbow pad - embossed with clear again - recolored the wings with Marvey markers and re-embossed with clear EP. Re-embossing with clear over the wing parts made them lose the pebbled texture I had gotten with the single layer of clear over the background sections.

You can also cut them up or shatter them to use in other projects.

Be sure to use safety glasses. In a well ventilated area, heat the CDís using a heat gun. When warm- cut to desired shapes and sizes.

Heating the CD makes it easy to cut, but use caution as the pieces are sharp.

These shards were layered with Opal EP and then stamped with Versamark.

Alternative method: Linda Hanson found that you can heat the CDís in a toaster oven that has been dedicated to crafts. Heat the entire CD at 110 degrees until the CD is very warm to the touch. Using an oven mitt to hold the CD, cut out pieces you want.

You can also heat them by immersing in hot water.

Combine the finished CDs with beads, fibers and other embellishments. You can get some spectacular results.

Glassact! & Orna-Metals GalleryBotanicals Misc.EgyptianAsianSpecial Occasions

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