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"Star Goddess Doll"
Stamp Artist - Victoria Banaszak

  • Goddess with star tummy stamp: After Midnight Art Stamps

  • Black Fabrico inkpad

  • Fabrico Markers

  • Assorted fibers

  • Cotton fabric

  • Dye-na-flow exciter pack

  • Fabric glue

  • 3 colored rhinestones

  • Celestial charm

  • Stuffing

  • Strong thread

  • Scissors

  • Needles

  • Plastic wrap to protect surface

  • Container of water


  • 1. Place a sheet of plastic wrap on table.

  • 2. Soak the fabric in water and wring out. Hand press it flat on the plastic.

  • 3. Put drops of the dyn-na-flow in small containers. Add a few drops of water to thin it out and use a wet paintbrush to apply to fabric.

  • 4. Stamp goddess doll on fabric using fabrico ink pad in black.

  • 5. Use Fabrico markers to color in some of the design but not all. You want the Dyn-na-flow to show through.

  • 6. Fold fabric in half and cut around image leaving about 3/8 inch of extra fabric around edges. Hand stitch around the outer edges.

  • 7. Using an exacto knife, start a hole in the center of the doll and finish with scissors.

  • 8. Stuff doll using a skewer to push the stuffing in until full. Do the head and arms first.

  • 9. Gather a bunch of fibers and tie them in a knot. Put the knot between the front and back of the fabric.

  • 10. Stuff the head and arms and breasts and stitch across the breast area to make it puffy. Do the same for the legs. Run a line of stitching between the legs.

  • 11. Leave the stomach area for last, as you will need to stitch small areas and stuff them as you go. I went back around the stomach area with a red embroidery floss and used a satin stitch.

  • 12. Run some fibers through the satin stitch and attach a celestial charm.

  • 13. Put a dot of fabric glue on the necklace and bracelets and attach the rhinestones.

Glassact! & Orna-Metals GalleryBotanicals Misc.EgyptianAsianSpecial Occasions

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