Shrine to nakedness
I got a whole sheet of nude stamps from After Midnight Art Stamps. Wanted to use them all together somehow. This seemed like a good plan.

Kipper Snacks tin base. Rice paper for the scroll. Lots of hotglue.

Mardi Gras bead rack.
I ended up with a huge stash of Mardi Gras beads. I wish I could say I got them legitimately by going to Mardi Gras, but alas, I have never done that. The beads were left behind by the previous owner of my house.
There are a LOT more beads left for other projects.

Another Kipper Snack tin for the base. I love the porportions on these tins.
Torso in tin is a Krafty Lady mold poured up with black hotglue and various embossing powders and a bit of glitter. The face was done with black hotglue and colored with paints and metallic buffing waxes. Added the mask with Glossy Accents and micro beads and glitter.
The other embellishments are molded with embossing powders or Delight air dry clay. The star is a plastic one I picked up somewhere.

The curved piece with the Celtic Cross design is a print made with the Kaleidoscope Kreator software, printed on Sheer Heaven. I coated it with Liquid Sculpey and baked it. It is sturdy but has a lot of flex.

The bottom piece is made from Shrink Plasitc. I used some alcohol inks and dots of fabric paints to color it before I hit it with the heat gun. I used a hot wire to poke holes in it for the curley wire hanger bits.


Pronunciation: 'shrIn, esp Southern 'srIn
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English scrIn, from Latin scrinium case, chest

1 a: a case, box, or receptacle, especially one in which sacred relics are deposited; a reliquary

b: a niche for religious icon: a ledge or alcove

2 : a place or object revered by its associations


Syllables: rel-i-quar-y
Part of Speech noun
Pronunciation reh lE kweh ri

Definition 1. a container or shrine in which relics are kept or displayed.


1. give special protection to something

2. put something into a shrine: to keep or cherish something in a shrine or other special place in a form that ensures it will be respected.

Well now.....

These shrines seem to be rather irreverent.

Are these things sacred to me? Are they expressions of things I wish to honor?

Not exactly.

Their meanings may not be obvious. That's OK with me.

Sometimes art can be cathartic in ways we don't expect.

I have ventured away from Kipper Snacks tins on occasion.
This one is a melted CD and a chicken egg.
How do you make a shrine?

Pretty much anything goes. It's your shrine. What feels right to you?

I have a couple of shrines I made using some rustic wooden boxes.

I like the shrines with doors. I will be making more of them.

I have a lot of ideas to try out.

I have various projects I think of/or call shrines.
This is based on work I saw on line done by Micheal DeMeng.