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Aurora Banksia
The Aurora Australis is the southern hemisphere's answer to the Aurora Borealis. It is a meteorological phenomena that results in some amazing displays of shimmering colors in the sky, ranging from reds and pinks to blues, greens and purples, It is visible mainly in polor regions, but at times can be seen clearly in Tasmania's night skies.The Banksia is a native Australian plant which has wonderful cone shaped flower spikes.
CurrawongDove Lake
The Currawong is a native bird of Tasmania. This large glossy black bird may be seen anywhere there is food. Once heard, it is impossible to forget their forlorn and haunting cry.Cradle Mountain forms the northern end of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. At its foot lies the tiny mountain lake, Dove Lake. Formed by glacial action, Dove Lake has many moods. Its depth gives it an amazing deep blue color on clear days, making it a place of peace and tranquility.
Throughout the temperate areas of Australia, the predominant tree species is the Eucalyptus noted for its distinctive scent and color.The Eureka Stockade is part of Australia's gold discovery history.
FerngladeFool's Gold
Fernglade Reserve lies on the banks of the Emu River on the North West Coast of Tasmania>Some of Australia's most important developments in history evolved around the discovery of gold, including the famous Eureka Stockade.
MacquarieMountain Berry
Macquarie Harbor is a huge natural harbor on the west coast of Tasmania.Mountain berries are an endemic Tasmanian montane plant. With cream bell-shaped flowers and tiny prickly dark green leaves, the plants are covered with bright pink berries during the winter. The mountain berry plants give splashes of color to the natural greens of the Tasmanian highlands.
Rosevears is a small village located in the Tamar Valley. It is renowned for its vineyards, and the rich ruby wine produced there.Tasmania's beaches are some of the most pristine in the world, taking the form of a rich warm cream color. Much of the coastline also features sandstone cliffs, many of which were quarried for use in the building of its oldest structures.
Australia is a country of rich earthy tones. Everywhere you go in this wide brown land, you will see all shades of copper, bronze, red and gold. These colors indicate the perfection of adaptation of the fauna to our extreme climate.The Tarkine, a beautiful tract of temperate rainforest located inland from North West Tasmania, is a precious jewel in the crown of protected wilderness areas which abound in Tasmania. Made up principally of mosses, ferns and trees, it is home to many native species of animals, birds, insects, frogs and lizards.
The Nut Valentine
The Nut is located on the far North West Coast of Tasmania. Originally, a large volcano stood in this spot, but after it became extinct, the weathering effects of wind and sea eroded most away. Now all that is left is a volcanic plug of basalt standing out as a headland into the sea.Valentine's Peak, once called the "Peak like a volcano", stands south of Burnie, a lone conical mountain in the Hampshire Hills. It was named for the day on which it was first reached.
Zeehan is a town lying on the west coast of Tasmania. Silver deposits resulted in a boom period for the town during the late 1800's. Franklin
With a grey and cream dappled trunk exposed as the bark peels off in long strips, the blue gum has a silvery leaf which give the entire tree a pale blue appearance.The Daintree is a beautiful tropical rainforest set in far north Queensland. It is home to the largest range of plants and animals on Earth.
Lilly PillyMango
The Lilly Pilly is one of the most popular of native plants in Australia. Its rich purple berries are not only beautiful and striking to see, but make delicious jams, jellies and drinks.Mangoes, with their rich orange colour, fragrant perfume, and sweet flavour typify the exotic tropics. Though not a native of australia, mangoes are grown commercially throughout tropical Queensland and even into New South Wales.
Wild Hibiscus Wineglass Bay
Few flowers represent the Tropics better than the Hibiscus. The native Australian Hibiscus, which grows in northern Queensland and the Northern Territory, is also called the native rosella. According to the US magazine, Outdoors, Wineglass Bay, on Tasmania's East Coast, is "one of the ten best beaches in the world." It is a perfect crescent shaped bay with pure white sand, which stretches out far to sea, thus producing an amazing pale turquoise colour.
Furneaux Lady Barron
Waratah Snow Gum
Alpine HeathLagoon Bay
LavenderLemon Thyme
River RoseSt. Claire