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NOTE: All computers display colors slightly different. These images are meant to give a general idea what the product looks like. They should not be taken as an exact representation.

TIP: You can also use several different colored Fashion Flakes and mix your own color combinations. Realize that the final results on the card / project might be different than what it looks like mixed in a bag. Don't be afraid to experiment with just a few flakes of different colors to see the final results.

Island Sunrise: A light, more pastel mixture of pinks, purples, oranges & red. Mardi Gras: One of our favorites! It has shades of greens and pinks that the other colors don't have. Orange Shimmer: Shiny shades of orange.
Solid Copper: Real copper leaf. Works great for fall projects or anywhere you want a real metallic look. Much more realistic than embossing powder. Solid Gold: Imitation gold leaf. Very lemon gold color. Much more realistic than embossing powder. Works great when you add some of this gold to the Varigated Red to lighten up the reds and give a whole new season to that color. Solid Silver: An imitation silver that will give a much more shiny metallic look than would embossing powder. The silver is VERY light weight and does tend to "poof" when worked with. Be prepared for small silver specs in the air when you brush the excess off. This is the only color that does this.
Southwest Copper: A mixture of copper and silver. It gives dramatic contrast and looks great with solid or bold stamps. Varigated Red: A lot of reds, purples & oranges. Great for those fall and Christmas Cards. Victorian Gold: Mostly gold in color with greens, blues, red and purple highlights.
Harvest Gold: Oranges, Gold, Reds and Purples. Renaissance: Reds, Purples, Greens, Golds.