I LOVE combining recycling and art projects!!!
Zeborah Loray

My current favorites are the plastic containers for "Smoothie" type drinks.

I start with the opaque white plastic bottles. First peeling off the outer label and then cutting off the top section. I usually use a soldering iron to melt the top part off, I like having an irregular edge. But you could cut it off smoothly with a heavy duty craft knife or scissors.

You can add a bead of hotglue to give a smoother edge if you like.

Then I start adding color and texture. I like to start off with a base of heavy body Micaceous Iron Oxide.
I added a few layers of Radiant Rain color sprays to this one while the base coat was still wet.
Linda and Tom carry the Radiant Rain sprays at their convention booth. You can order the Radiant Rain Daubers on line.

I tried out some of Golden's Tar Gel to add more texture to this. I just dribbled strings of it over the painted surface.

After the tar gel set up, I dry brushed over it with some brass colored acrylic paint. I really love the way the texture came out on this.

I added a flat backed marble colored with alcohol inks and a piece of Midnight Art Glass I had coated with Opals embossing enamel and then stamped into. It was also highlighted with the brass acrylic paint dry brushed over the high spots.

There are many different brands of drinks that come in these bottles. Lots of styles and shapes and sizes.

I cut the top of this one off with scissors. I used some of the Krylon Hammered Brass spray paint for a base coat. I love the way the Radiant Rain sprays combine with it. You get a lovely mottled look.

A little brass paint sponged over this, a pattern added to the central part with one of Cory's stamps embossed with fine detail embossing powder, a paper piece colored with Radiant Rain dauber colors and decoupaged on - and it is finished. :)
There are so many possibilities for decorating these bottles. They are great fun and so easy to do.

I used a gel medium transfer on this one first. Then I painted the bottle, leaving the image clear, with some red Lumieres, added a coat of garnet gel over that and when it was dry I gave it a top coat of Golden's Stainless Steel paint.
The image is available as a stamp from After Midnight.