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Would you ever wear VERY old clothing, like a hoop skirt, a civil war uniform, a medieval dress, or a victorian corset?

Never, I'm all about the here and now.
I am never too busy to play dress-up as long as there's someone else playing with me.
I doubt it, I don't have any reason to.
Maybe, for a costume party, but I'd rather be a bunny or a zebra, not some dead person.
I could see myself as a mermaid or fairy, you know, something fantastic, more than just something old-fashioned. I don't do reality.
I would if I were in a play that was set in that period, or for a party, definitely.
Sure, if I have an excuse; I love renaissance fairs and I'm in the SCA!
Actually, a lot of my clothing resembles clothing from another time period, I really like the fashions from that particular period.
Oh heck yeah! I love dressing up, I get a kick out of not looking normal. I'd wear a suit of armor to the doctor's office, if I could figure out how to drive in it.
This might be one of the stranger questions I've been asked lately, and the answers above are even stranger. Is the whole quiz this weird?

What's your favorite time of day?

Dawn, definitely. Sunrises are amazing.
I'm a morning person, I like getting up to read the morning paper, enjoy the sun, maybe cook a nice big breakfast.
Noon! Lunch is excellent, the day's in full swing, this is when I feel most alert.
Afternoons sound nice, the day already winding down but lots of light still.
It's sunsets that are my thing, I can't resist a sunset.
Twilight, dusk, evening... when you still have bustle and life in the cities and the towns are starting to sleep, the sun's set but the night is still warm, that's me.
Night for me, please. I want it dark, I want no trace of light, this is when I'm awake naturally and I LIKE that. The sunlight, it burnsss us, my precious.
Oooh, midnight, midnight, it's just so poetic and perfect, ideally with a full moon high in the sky.
Pre-dawn, that's when I'm happiest. The first hints of morning, almost everyone else asleep but the sky's starting to lighten up, the day is starting... I like the privacy of this time of day.
I don't really have a favorite time of day; any time I can find a few minutes of peace and quiet works for me.

Which of these animals are your favorites? You can choose as many as you like.

Golden Retriever
Siamese Cat
Alley Cat
Humming Bird
...Tit. Or maybe a Booby.
Palomino Horse
Black Arabian Horse
Scarab Beetle
Goldfish, or maybe a Hamster
Human... what? We're animals too.
This is a stupid question, why does every quiz ask this?

What's your take on TV? You can click as many choices as you like.

Soap operas. Gimme!
Home shopping channels definitely catch my eye.
Oh, I love all the old black-and-white reruns!
I love channels like Food Network, DIY, anything that gives me new ideas for what to cook, or wear, or how to decorate, that kind of thing.
Drama thrills me, cop shows, hospital staff, maybe a courtroom or two, it's all good.
I can't resist the educational-and-fun things. History, documentaries, the travel channel, that's what you'll usually catch me watching.
I am all about nature shows, I could watch Animal Planet for hours (and often do).
Movies are my thing, whether rented or spotted on cable. I just wish there were more hours in a day to watch them.
I can't resist checking out celebreties, they're just fascinating creatures. So pretty, too.
I always keep up with the day's news. CNN, The Daily Show, maybe even Good Morning America, I have to know what's going on!
Whee, sports! I just love sitting down to watch my favorite team play... or any team, really.
It's all about the cartoons - even if I'm not watching them, likely my kids (or my Signifigant Other) is.
The only time I really turn my TV on is when I'm watching a crafting video or a movie someone else rented.
Dude, it's TV. It's ALL good.
Honestly, I don't like watching television. Given a choice, I likely wouldn't even own one, I certainly don't use it often.

Where do you draw inspiration for your art from?

Nature, definitely. I prefer using only natural colors, shades you'd see together commonly in the wild, I love animal prints and using stones and twigs, that kind of thing.
The city, the hustle and bustle and smog and light, I'm fascinated by cityscapes and the lights in a skyscraper at night.
The ocean, the river, the rain... something about water draws me. I find myself adding fish or frogs to things often, a lot of aqua colors, I just can't resist it.
It's autumn in my life all the time, those gorgeous reds and golds and browns and oranges, I would just eat them up.
When I close my eyes, I see a forest. Green everywhere, moss and pine trees, tropical jungle and a tiny garden in a back yard, a wide lawn or a far wider meadow, whatever it is, it's GREEN.
I actually like using a lot of the brighter colors. Neon really catches my eye, glow-in-the-dark is nifty, I like the upbeat feel that such bright colors give my work.
I always turn to music for my ideas, there's just something about the right song at the right moment that my muse finds irresistable.
Faded colors, pastels, hues that have sat in the sunlight or been brushed into near-nonexistance by the wind and rain, that's where I look for inspiration and images.
I'm a purist - I like the sharpness of black and white, maybe a bit of sepia in old photographs, perhaps just one splash of color in an otherwise calm image, but on the whole I really do stick to greyscale.
...what's with all the art questions? I'm taking this quiz because my friend did, I'm not really an art person, and I find this question pretty weird.

Got a favorite food?

Fruit for me!
Nuts are my preferred snack.
Grains - bread, oatmeal, rice, that's my thing.
Meat, the redder the better, I'm a steak-eater and proud of it.
Ice cream, whee!
Sushi, please. I love the flavor of fish and wasabi.
I can't resist candy, I love the stuff, the more the merrier!
I actually have a favorite vegetable (or ten).
Cookies, patries, and pie! Dessert means baked goods.
I'm all about a cultural food type - Italian, Greek, Indian, whatever.
Soup's a big thing for me, I eat soups every chance I get.
Anything I don't have to cook.
I don't really have a favorite food, I like them all.
Actually, I would avoid eating if I could. I don't get the fuss about it, it's just survival, otherwise I wouldn't eat at all.
Sorry, what? I was busy getting a snack. Peanut butter and pickles, if you must know.