Precious Metal Clay is simple to work with, even if you have no metalsmithing experience. Now anyone can create jewelry and other pure silver works of art.

It's as easy as 1-2-3:

  • 1. Sculpt with your fingers and/or basic tools.
  • 2. Fire using a kiln, torch or hot pot.
  • 3. Finish your masterpiece. The metal can be sanded, polished, soldered, and colored or antiqued using liver of sulphur or other methods.

Precious Metal Clay is available in three different versions; PMC, PMC+ and PMC3.

PMC+ and PMC3 are sold in lump form, as slip/paste (liquid clay) and sheet. Each type has its own unique characteristics.

The original PMC is easy to work with, dries slower and has a longer working time. It has a relatively high shrinkage rate (28%) that allows for wonderful detail. Must be fired at 1650 degrees for 2 hours.

PMC+ fires very quickly (1650 degrees for 10 minutes). It is denser and makes a more durable material. It has a shrinkage rate of approximately 12-14%. It can be fired at three different temperatures (1470, 1560 and 1650F). The lower temperatures allow for adding certain stones and enameling. May also be fired with a torch for 7-10 minutes or with a hot pot.

PMC3 has minimal shrinkage, is the strongest form of PMC and is the most dense. It's the best form to use for rings and for making repairs. It fires at even lower temperature (1110, 1200, 1290F as well as 1650F). This allows for adding dichroic glass. PMC3 can be torch fired for 2 minutes.

Not everyone will opt for all three versions. You may find a preference and stick with it or try different materials depending on the nature of the piece you are working on.

All three versions yield 100% silver! PMC may be hallmarked and will assay as .999 pure

PMC products can be worked in much the same ways as modeling clays. You can use familiar techniques ranging from hand forming, coiling, throwing on a wheel, and/or sculpting with simple tools. PMC slip can be painted on or dipped. The syringe can be used to make fine detailed or filigree pieces, or used to add detail to a piece formed from the clay PMC.

You probably already have some of the tools you'll want to use. Any of the tools for polyclays work great, plus you can use your Krafty Lady molds and texture plates. And don't forget your stamps!

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