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Good Clean Fun!


Fancy soaps are so easy and make great gifts!

different molds for soaps
Use any of the molds.

I used some inexpensive glycerin soap for these. It works just like the soap base from the craft store.
It comes already colored and scented.
You can also get it in clear and tint it yourself using the soap dyes.

Think about coming up with sets of guest soaps that fit your gift recipients interests.
I have a friend who is into Egyptology- she is going to love the mummy soap. ;)
Another friend collects cameos. The cameo mold soap will be perfect for her.

The torso molds come in two sizes.

You can mix the colors to get different shades.

Monty has a fig leaf you can add if you like.

The Scarf Lady mold makes a beautiful soap.
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