Working with Metal
You can incorporate many stamping techniques into your metal work creations.

Copper Foil Art
by Victoria Banaszak

Wonderful work using rubber stamp designs. The addition of the cabachons really sets off these Southwest art inspired pieces.

I love Victoria's work. She is an amazing talent.

Simple pieces by Zeborah Loray

Fantastic combination of techniques from Jane in San Diego.
She used the Wizard Embossing and Die cut tool to tranfer the rubber stamp pattern. It is combined with a texture plate and a commercial die cut for the butterfly.
Enameled with Opals heat embossing enamels.

Jane is a master at using the Wizard for working with tooling foils.
Learn more about the Wizard die cut and embossing system by joining the Spellbinders yahoo group.

Zeborah Loray
This piece was created with odds and ends of cast off metal bits. A trip to the local salvage yard, Thrift Store, or Army Navy surplus store can be a lot of fun. Don't forget to rummage through your garage too.
There are so many interesting shapes to choose from. I have no clue about the original purpose of most of the metal pieces.

A scrap of copper tooling foil was used for the Wizard's hat.

The main body is enameled with Opals heat embossing enamels.

Lots of Ranger alcohol inks on the glass bits.

Zeborah Loray
I coated the lid of the cigar box with embossing powders- stamped some images into it- added the cabochon and highlighted the stamped images with metalic buffing waxes.

I transferred a drawing of my hand to the copper foil for this. I traced around my hand and added the lines and details. I pressed it into the warm embossing powders to attach it.

This was a very easy project.

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