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More Krafty Lady Moulds
Radient Pearls on Krafty Lady molds
By Zeborah Loray

These pieces were cast with Air dry Modeling compound. It is very easy to work with and dries to an extremely light weight product. You can use almost any medium to color them

I used some Radient Pearls to color these pieces. I liked the natural, stone like look with these.

Same mummy mould as the one above- same modeling compound, but this one was colored with Sharpie markers and coated with Glossy Accents for a shiney glaze.

I am showing an enlargement so you can see more of the detail. Gives almost an enameled apearance. Sharpie markers are great for coloring detailed pieces.

Jane from San Diego

By Jane from San Diego

Krafty Lady elephant of air dry clay and Lumiere's on gold mirror cardstock embossed with Wizard and Fiskars peacock plate. Elephant by Anna K. of Australia who was kind enough to RAK me with it.

Molding Fun FoamBy Zeborah Loray

I tried using fun foam with the molds. Another very light weight material. Great for adding to cards or ATCs.

I laid the fun foam over the mold and heated it from above with the Heat It Craft Tool. If you over heat the fun foam it will burn through. The Heat it tool is a lower temp heat gun that doesn't blow so hard. Great for using with embossing powders too.
The fun foam will slump into the mold- while it is still warm I pressed it firmly to get all the detail. Use a hot pad for this- the fun foam gets pretty warm.

I used a little metallic buffing wax on some of these for a light touch of color.

Molding Fun FoamBy Millie Owen

Millie did some beautiful pieces for one of our mold swaps.

Some are done with Opals embossing enamels using the Melt Pot. And others are done with polyclays or paper clay. Millie has tried these molds with everything and they ALL come out fabualous.

I love the color variation in the pear. And the addition of the rhinestone to the lips and the belly of the torso is Great!

More beautiful artwork by Jeni Caulkins.
She used hand made paper, Sheer Heaven, and some of our beaded fringe for this wonderful petroglyph shard piece.

Zeborah Loray
The small torso mold is a good size for using with the large dominoes. Air Dry Clay painted with Lumiere's

Molding Fun FoamBy Phyllis

Phyllis made some gorgeous pieces using polyclay with the Krafty Lady molds.

The colors are so vibrant with these.

You can get some great patterns using the polyclays.

More projects using Molds HERE.

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