Altered Clipboard by Jeni Calkins

I love this little stamp from the After Midnight (AM) unmounted element sheet It is great texture for anything Southwest. The Krafty Lady Art Mould© (KLAM) 243, AM243 – Xlge Floral Cab cast, is made with a mix of terra cotta and blue Sculpey clay. Looks like a stylized sun.
This is a photo overlooking the neatest old copper mining town of Bisbee, AZ. I thought this AM wagon wheel stamp gave the page an old west feel. Does the KLAM 229, Tribal 8, remind you of a wagon wheel? It is cast with gold and black Sculpey and painted with Future Floor Wax to make it shine.
Here is that great little element stamp again used as a boarder. That KLAM 308, Mini Dragonfly, is so cute. He is cast with polymer clay and sprayed with Radiant Rains. Add a drop of soap if the sprays bead up.
Saguaros are everywhere in the AZ desert, giving the landscape the most amazing look. For the boarder, I covered the laser cut chipboard (available from After Midnight) with The Nut, Sandstone, and Dove Lake OPALS embossing enamels.
The yellows fill the hillsides in the spring and the KLAM 151, Large Sun Face, is always shining. It is cast with yellow polymer clay and sprayed with Radiant Rain.
These adorable little embellishments are more of the laser cut shipboard covered with Dove Lake and Sandstone OPALS embossing enamels. These chipboards come in wonderful shapes and are available from After Midnight.
Lizards are everywhere in the desert, so this amazingly detailed KLAM 290, Gecko, is one of my favorites. The Joshua tree is from the AM Super Southwest stamp sheet.
I like how the AM Petroglyph background stamp goes with the KLAM 23 Petroglyph. It was cast with polymer clay and painted with Modern Options Patina Paints. The boarder is more laser cut chipboard covered with Dove Lake and Blue Gum OPALS embossing enamels. Looks like a river.
These are photos from Bisbee. This fun town is very close to the After Midnight Art Ranch. KLAM 64, 2 Doll Faces, is cast with Dove Lake and Blue Gum OPALS embossing enamels.
I love this AM Cool Lizard stamp. The game piece is coated with Eucalypt, Fern Glade, and Fools Gold OPALS embossing enamels then stamped with one of Cory Celaya's Domino Stamps, Sheet 2.
These photos are taken in a bird watching area near the AM Art Ranch. KLAM 165, Feather Cast, was made with black and gold polymer clay. I'm always so impressed with the detail you get with the Krafty Lady Art Moulds©.
There are lots of different types of ecosystems in AZ. The AM Steer Skull stamp is lots of fun to set up a desert scene.
The crinkly paper embellishment was created with polymer clay and KLAM AMKT 8, Crushed Paper Texture Mat then sprayed with Radiant Rains. The others are done the same way using one of the most versatile molds, KLAM 330, 8 UP.
Altered Clipboard
Jeni Calkins

1)Drill holes along the sides of both clipboards so they line up to make the front and back covers of a book. Paint the clipboard with gesso; create texture into the wet paint. Let dry then spray with Radiant Rains. Apply alcohol inks to the metal clips.
(Radiant Rain Color Sprays are available from After Midnight at their convention booth).

2)Make pages for the book by tearing white card stock into random sizes then fold in half to make the signature of the book. Stamp After Midnight’s stamps and emboss with clear embossing powder. Spray the pages with the Radiant Rains. With another sheet of paper on top, iron the pages to remove the embossing powder and flatten. Randomly stamp images onto the pages, glue on photos and molded embellishment. Stack page so the fold lines up down the center. Poke holes along the center and pamphlet stitch with the wax linen tread.

3) Complete the book by stringing fiber through the holes in the small clipboard then through the stitching along the spine of the signature then through the holes in the larger clipboard. Add more fiber to hide the spine of the book by tying it around the stitches.