OPALS embossing enamels

by Zeborah Loray

Using Ranger's Melting Pot makes working with embossing enamels a breeze.
I love using this method with the Krafty Lady Art Moulds.

Put the temperature control at the highest setting and let it preheat for a few minutes.

You can purchase a Melting Pot, OPALS embossing enamels and Krafty Lady Art Moulds on line from After Midnight.

Add your OPALS embossing enamels to the Melting Pot.
I like to combine two or more colors for a marbled effect.

Cover the Melting Pot to keep an even heat and allow the embossing enamels to liquify more quickly.

It doesn't take long for the embossing enamels to melt.
Lift the lid to check often.

Pour the molten embossing enamels into your Krafty Lady Art Mould. You don't need to add any type of release agent.

When the embossing enamels have cooled in the mold, simply flex the mold to release your embellishment.

Your colors will have swirled together creating beautiful patterns.

Have some left over OPALS in your Melting Pot?

Ink up a stamp and pour the embossing enamels on top.

Stamp by Cory Celaya from After Midnight Art Stamps.

Another quick easy embellishment.

To clean your Melting Pot, just heat and pour out any excess. Then wipe clean with a paper towel.
All leftover embossing enamels can be saved and remelted for subsequent projects.
If you leave the embossing enamels in the Melting Pot until completely cooled, you can often lift the entire piece.

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