by Zeborah Loray

Creating Faux Carnival Glass using OPALS embossing enamels
and Midnight Art Glass or Ranger Memory Glass

It's hard to tell from the real thing

You can purchase all supplies from After Midnight.

You'll need clear OPALS embossing enamel (Franklin) and Fantasy film in your choice of colors. You can use clear or colored OPALS for your base coat but you will need the clear for your top coat.
I love this technique on Midnight Art Glass.
The shard shapes are perfect for pendants or embellishments on cards, boxes or even scrapbook layouts.
The technique is also very effective on the Ranger Memory Glass.
Using the Memory Frames gives you a quick and easy finished pendant.

Additional equipment needed:

Heat It! Craft tool
Hot Marks type tool with soldering tip.
Ink Pad
Teflon Craft sheet or something to protect your stamping surface
Deeply etched red rubber stamps

I like to add a little ink to the glass to start the first coat of embossing enamel. Or you can just heat the glass and sprinkle the OPALS on in a thin layer.
You want at least three layers.

Sprinkling on layers of embossing enamel, heating thoroughly between each layer.

Lay your fantasy film over the hot embossing enamel on the glass.
Continue to add two or three more layers of OPALS Franklin, heating thoroughly between layers.

Stamp by Cory Celaya from After Midnight Art Stamps.

Ink up a stamp- I sometimes use Versamark- but often use Brilliance metallics or black.
You'll want a deeply etched stamp with a lot of open areas.
Reheat your Glass with the layers of OPALS and Fantasy film until molten again.
Mash your stamp into it.
Let it cool a bit, and then pull the stamp up.

As we say in the craft world- WALLAH!
The colors and texture that develop are simply amazing.
A photograph cannot do this justice.

Trim the shape roughly with craft scissors.
Now use the hot soldering tip to melt the edges smooth and bond the edges of the film to the glass.

1. On Frosted Memory Glass with Memory Frame.
2. Banded with three colors of Fantasy Film.
3. Pink Fantasy Film over Red (Waratah) and Gold (Eureka) OPALS.

Necklace by Linda Hanson

Necklace and Earrings by Pamela Brown

Advanced Techniques

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