by Zeborah Loray

Double Sided Faux Carnival Glass using OPALS embossing enamels and Midnight Art Glass

This was a dramatic piece of Faux Carnival Glass.
I decided to experient and see if I could get the reverse side to be as stunning.

I set the piece back on the rubber stamp and repeated the process on the reverse side.
I pressed a second stamp into it.
A rubber sandwich: Midnight Art Glass Filling garnished on BOTH sides with Opals and Fantasy Film.

I let it cool, pulled the glass from the stamps and retrimmed the piece with the heat tool.

This is equally as beautiful on each side. Great way to have a very versatile pendant.

Using up the Scraps

I hate to let anything go to waste.

You end up with a lot of gorgeous pieces of scrap Fantasy Film when you trim these.
The strips and pieces can be layered on glass or used in Krafty Lady Art Moulds.
You can even use them just with your stamps.
The bottom right piece was made by melting a puddle of OPALS embossing enamel scraps together with some bits of Fantasy Film and pressing a stamp into it.
Using the Opals embossing enamels it is easy to trim the edges while it is still warm.

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