by Zeborah Loray

Embellished paper beads with OPALS embossing enamels and Fantasy Film

You'll also need:
1. Paper scraps
2. A heat gun (preferably the Heat It craft tool)
3. Wooden skewers
4. glue (I recommend Crafter's Pick the Ultimate Glue)
5. Hot Marks type tool or soldering iron

You can add Fantasy fibers, fine wire, microbeads, glitters or any other inclusions you can think of.

I like to start with a paper base for my beads. If you use a metal skewer or crochet hook you can coat it directly with the Opals embossing enamels.
I tear strips of scrap paper into rough triangle and roll them around the wooden skewer, adding a bit of glue at the start and finish to secure it.
You can create beautiful beads by simply coated these with clear (Franklin) Opals.

Add another dab of glue and wrap a layer of Fantasy Film around your base.

Hit it with the heat gun to melt the Fantasy Film and bond it with the paper.

Roll the warm bead in a pile of clear Opals embossing enamel, heating between layers.
You can add Fantasy fiber, fine wire, microbeads, glitter or any other inclusions that suit your fancy.

For a heavier layer, try dipping the bead in your Melting Pot.

Remove the beads from the skewers while warm.
Until the bead has completely cooled, you can use your fingernail or any tool you have handy to trim the ends before you remove it from the skewer.
Once the bead has cooled, use a tool with a hot tip, I use a soldering iron, to finish trimming the beads.

You can get some odd shapes by manipulating the beads while they are warm.

Up close, you can see whole galaxies inside these beautiful beads.

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