Recycling Glass Bottles - Part 2

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How about some Fantasy Film on the other side of the bottle?
A bottle entirely covered in Fantasy Film would be great. You might want to give that a try.

You will need:
I purchase most of my craft supplies through After Midnight Art Stamps.
I prefer the Opals brand of embossing enamel over any of the others I've tried. The clear stays clear, it is more durable and less prone to delaminating. I also use the Fantasy Film brand of heat activated iridescent film.
If you use a different brand of embossing enamel or another brand of film- your milage with this technique may vary.
First, I'll show you a way to use up some of the left over scraps you may have from other projects with Fantasy Film.
I use Fantasy Film in many of my art projects, so frequently have a good sized stash of scraps.
I work on a sheet of baking parchment- but a silicon craft sheet or baking sheet works just as well.
Put a loose pile of Fantasy film scraps down, sprinkle on just a tiny bit of clear Opals embossing enamel, top with another sheet of baking parchment and press with a craft iron.

Why use the Opals? I think you get a slightly sturdier product, it will be a bit thicker and I find I don't get as many edges curling up if I use the Opals.
But the Fantasy film WILL stick to itself and form a sheet without the embossing enamel.
If you hold the iron on a bit too long and end up with a bunch of holes in the sheet- don't worry. You can fix that.
I had someone snap the photo of me ironing this and they needed more time to get the camera focused than I needed for fusing the film. It only takes a few seconds to get it to fuse.
Lay more scrap or a full sheet of Fantasy Film over it and re-iron. There you go- all fixed. This is a very forgiving medium.
I used a template to draw an oval shape with Sharpie Marker on this and cut it out. You can easily cut shapes with scissors- but from what I've been told, if you want to use a die cut machine for this step, try sandwiching it between two sheets of thin paper. I haven't attempted to die cut it myself (yet). ;)
We'll be getting back to this piece in a little while.

I ironed together three sheets of plain Fantasy Film without any embossing enamel (different colors).

Use some embossing ink on the glass, sprinkle on some clear Opals, lay the prepared sheet of Fantasy Film over the bottle, top with baking parchment and iron. Trim the Fantasy Film fairly close to the edges of the bottle.

You can use the iron to melt the Fantasy film at the sides to gives you a nice clean edge.
There is no reason you can't quit now. It is beautiful!

But I want to see what else we can do with this.

How about some Crackle Accents over the Fantasy Film?
I didn't bother getting an even coverage with this- I just smeared some on randomly.

You may be wondering, "Why does it look like the colors of the Fantasy Film keep changing?"
Because it DOES change. It changes depending on how the light strikes it. It changes under different types of lighting too.

Putting the bottle under a light will speed up the drying process for the Crackle Accents.
You should get a LOT of texture.
What about that oval shape I cut earlier?

Let's see what we can do with that.

I want to add this on top of the base sheet of Fantasy film, so I'm going to use some embossing fluid to get clear Opals to stick to the area where I want to put it.

I used my fingers again- but feel free to use a brush or sponge tipped applicator.

Pour the embossing powder on.

Pour it off.

Oooh..which side of this should I use????

I think I'll try to stick with my original color idea.

Iron it again.

Put some more embossing fluid on the shaped piece.

Add more clear Opals embossing enamel.

Hit it with the heat gun. Go ahead and add a few more layers of clear (Franklin) Opals.

Press a stamp into it for texture while it is still warm.

Sweep the heat gun over it quickly- just enough to bring up the shine.

You could quit any time. ;)
But I think I want to add some Glass Bead gel!

Now I have to wait for the Glass bead gel to dry. This may take a while. I'll put it under a light to speed things up.

It took overnight to dry.
It's looking pretty good. I've got a lot of texture going on. Maybe too much???

Time to add the finishing touches.

A little Radiant Rain dauber over some of the glass bead parts...

Spritz a little more Radiant Rain on- same color I've been using for the rest of it...

Dab some Micacous Iron Oxide over the edges to blend them in...

blend that with the Stainless Steel color...

Hmmm... needs something....

How about some Triple thick glaze to make that central motif stand out a bit...

Well- with the central motif framed with a scrap of textured wallpaper lightly embossed with some silver (Zeehan) Opals embossing enamel to match the top, I think this looks pretty good.
I just glued the paper bits on, used some embossing fluid over it sparsely to get the embossing enamel to stick to the high spots and hit it with a heat gun.
Looks good from either side. :)

Hope you had some fun with this.

Copyright © 2008 by Zeborah Loray