Inspired by Niamh and Sue, the gals from PipeDreamInk.
Don't miss their make and takes if you are in Australia!

A fun project for making a holder for ATCs, business cards, or anything your ART desires.

Download printable pdf template HERE

You can use any size rectangular paper.

8 1/2" X 11" paper makes a folder that is a good size for ATCs or business cards.
Use whatever pretty papers you have on hand.
You can use any direct to paper techniques to create your own custom papers.
The papers I'm using are colored with Radiant Rain Color Mists and Color Daubers by LuminArte.

So, here you sit with some pretty paper and the folding template.
The template shows measurements telling you to how to fold things.
If you are working with an 8 1/2" X 11" piece of paper and want it to be the correct size for holding ATCs or business cards, get out a measuring device and follow the instructions.
If you are not really concerned with the exact size of the finished project or are using paper with other dimensions, just start folding.

This is pretty easy.
A bone folder would probably be a very good idea though...

About that flip it over and folding it back part.....

I don't know why that confused me. You have to fold the edges all in, flip the paper over, and THEN fold it back.
I am easily confused. The rest of you probably understood this.

Now you have all of the corners tucked into the flaps.
You can see where a bone folder of something would be helpful here.

Linda Hanson, who wrote up the simplified, easy to follow instructions for this, uses a Score- It board to make the folds. You can purchase them from the After Midnight website.
I think I need one of those.
She also uses a lovely bone folder to get the creases smooth.
I have one of those somewhere- couldn't find it today. :(

If you took proper measurements your top pocket should be flush with the top edge. As shown in the top photo.
If, I think it is OK anyway.

Fold it in half.

All done!
Unless you want to decorate them.
I think that is the real fun part.

To be continued......

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