After Midnight Art Glass & Krafty Lady Art Mold Pins
© Michele Emerson-Roberts January 2006


Most of the above items can be purchased from After Midnight.


  • 1. Follow manufacturer’s directions for working with Delight™.

    Put on the rubber gloves. *To achieve the desired color, lightly tint a small amount of Delight™ with drops of Ranger Alcohol Inks.

    Place a tiny amount of the tinted clay into the desired mold, remove the molded clay and set aside to dry. When the pieces are dry (an hour or so), lightly tap or swipe the clay pieces on a Metallic ink pad to highlight or shade, set the pieces aside to dry for a few minutes. (* Repeat these steps for the desired number of pieces).

  • 2. While the clay pieces are drying, you can work on the After Midnight Art Glass™ pieces. Lay the pieces of glass on the non porous craft sheet. Working with the same color families that you used to tint the clay, apply tiny drops of the Ranger ®Alcohol inks to the glass. (Work quickly as the inks dry VERY fast.) While the ink is wet you can pick up the glass piece and let the ink swirl and move or you can tap into the wet ink with your finger. Allow the inked glass pieces to dry.

  • 3. If you want a metallic edge on the glass, use the leafing pen to apply a thin line of Gold, Silver or Copper. Allow to dry.

  • 4. Determine where you will be placing the clay piece on the glass.

  • 5. Attach the clay piece with adhesive before or after wire wrapping the glass piece. Wrap each glass piece with a small amount of Gold, Silver or Copper wire, add a few beads as you wrap. When you are satisfied with the design, attach the pin back with adhesive.

**** Other Krafty Lady™ Art Molds that work beautifully with the After Midnight Art Glass™:

AM 008 African Profile
AM 054 Med. Cave Deer
AM 059 Med. Witch Doctor
AM 065 Small Centurion Coin
AM 068 Med. Egyptian Cat Fragment
AM 087 Med. Pyramid Eye
AM 107 Lg. Pharaoh Profile
AM 165 Lg. Feather
AM 1003 Med. Square Face