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April Art Retreat and Gourding Classes
at the Midnight Art Ranch

April 22th through the 27th, 2010

This retreat is in conjunction with gourding classes with Bonnie Gibson and Maria Dellos.

Midnight Art Ranch Retreat

Four guests will have the opportunity to stay at the Midnight Art Ranch for the entire six nights and five days. Having a small group allows us to share our creative energies with very personal interaction. We will have plenty of time to work together both before and after the scheduled classes.

This is the ultimate artistic indulgence. No kids, no family, no outside distractions. No rushing from classroom to classroom. Just time to fully immerse yourself in gourd art.

You will arrive on April 22. After a delicious Mexican Fiesta dinner, including Margaritas and local wines, we can retire to the walled courtyard, relax around the firepit, and get to know one another. Then, you might want to get to bed early. We have some busy days planned.

Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.
Cost for the entire 6 nights and five days is $1,250. This includes a private room, all meals (17 total), snacks and beverages, transport to and from the Tucson airport, all classes, fees and supplies, open studio time and use of supplies from the studio.
No hidden costs - everything is included with 2 exceptions You will have to bring your dremel tool and a wood burning set and any other tools you may wish to bring.

You'll also receive a cover up to use while working on your gourds.
PLUS An exclusive set of stamps, collage sheets and a special surprise gift!

Contact Linda for help arranging other lodgings in the area if you would like to attend classes on more than one day.

Gourding Classes

Classes open to participants not attending the retreat on a first come, first served basis.

Coffee, tea, water and soft drinks will be provided during the classes.
You may sign up for a buffet lunch ($5.00 fee) or bring your own.

Maria Dellos

Southwest Laced Gourd

Friday, April 23rd
Join Maria Dellos at the Midnight Art Ranch’s “Gorgeous Gourds” Art Retreat on April 27, 2010 to create her wonderful Southwest Laced Gourd. This class involves a number of techniques created by Maria that teach how to cut your designing time in half with Maria’s very clever shortcuts. In addition to this project, you will also receive jammed packed information how to create your gourd art with ease and enjoyment and learn the use of Ink Dyes and many other products that Maria uses in her gourd art.

This class is $85.00, it includes the gourd, use of all tools, products and embellishments to complete this project. Your responsibility to this class is a wood burning tool and a heat tool. You will also receive step-by-step instructions and some surprises to take home with you.

Be prepared for a day of jam packed learning with techniques from Maria’s Book “New Gourd Art with Ink Dyes”. Maria has pioneered the techniques using ink dyes by Stewart Superior and the other beautiful products by Terra Bella Finishes. Maria is very generous as she shares her many creative ideas so you may enjoy the art as much as she does.

The class description doesn't begin to let you know the wealth of knowledge Maria shares with her students. The surface coloring techniques alone are enough to keep you happily occupied for hours and hours. :)
Zeborah Loray


Gourd Pendant Class
Tuesday- April 2 - 9AM - 4PM - $90.00

This jewelry class involves several techniques designed by Maria. She happily shares her pattern and directions to complete this lovely piece. You will learn how to create patterns and how to transfer patterns to your gourd with ease, in addition, there is some woodburning, color finishing, wire coiling and finishing with leather and beads. An oval Black Onyx cabochon is the center focus and is surrounded by coiled wire and black and silver no hole glass beads. What you can’t see in the picture is the rest of the beaded necklace which involves more black beads and silver bead caps and then the connection of the leather necklace will be finished with the ability to increase or decrease the length as desired. Included in this fee is a gourd jewelry piece, the use of products, tools, beads and embellishments to complete this project. Please bring a woodburning tool which is a must for this class. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Gourding Classes with Bonnie Gibson

Saturday, April 24th
9am-12:30 - Filigree Carving, $60

In this class you will learn to design and carve a section of "filigree" into the gourd surface and will have the option of adding design elements such as butterflies, dragonflies, etc. You'll try different carving methods and burs and should complete at least one section in class. Students should bring a gourd that is reasonably thick for carving. The gourd may be cut open, cleaned and painted inside ahead of time. Students should bring a dremel, Foredom or other similar rotary tool, some drill bits, and any burs you have on hand. Bring a good quality dust mask. Riffler files and sanding sticks are helpful but not necessary. (Burs, hand tools, and dust masks will also be available for purchase if needed.)

1-5pm - Fused Glass and Wire Working Class $60

(Small additional fee charged if your completed glass is to be mailed to you.)

In this class, you will receive two completed pieces of fused dichroic glass to use for inlay or wire wrapping. If you'd like to inlay your piece of glass, please bring a cleaned gourd and you will learn how to carve an opening to inset the glass. You also have the option of using your glass for a piece of wire wrapped jewelry. Instruction on this technique and basic materials will be provided. Additional completed glass cabs will be available for purchase if you want extras. You will also create two small pieces of fused dichroic glass from provided materials. These pieces will be fired in a kiln at the conclusion of class and will be mailed to you.

What to bring:
A cleaned gourd and a dremel tool if you want to inlay your glass. Wirecutters, jewelry or needlenosed pliers for wirewrapping if you have them. A basic tool kit with xacto knife, pencil, sharpie marker, etc.

Sunday, April 25th -9am-1pm
Water and Wind, $60

Carving patterns inspired by Southwestern Pueblos

Use carving techniques and some wood burning to decorate a gourd with interesting southwestern patterns. You will learn how to carve a dimensional “rain cloud” pattern, and how to combine it with other effects such as carved basketry, Katsina Butterfly maiden designs, or sand ripples. We’ll discuss “designing in the round”. Everyone will have the flexibility to design their gourd around some of these techniques so that each finished carving will be unique. Please note that this is a techniques class and you will not finish the gourd during class time. Bring a power rotary tool (Dremel or other brand) and any carving burs you have on hand. Appropriate burs will be available for purchase. A cut and cleaned gourd suitable for carving, and a dust mask (or purchase one in class.)

Sunday April 25th - 2pm-5:30pm
Tooled Leather Gourd, $60

Create a gourd with a traditional tooled leather look. You will carve and woodburn a typical leather carving design - as an option you may choose to leave the gourd natural, or you may want to darken either the gourd or the carved background. Carve a "rope" border or try some patina paints. You will receive one silver plated concho as an accent piece; you may purchase more at a minimal cost if you wish to carry the pattern around the gourd.

Bring a power rotary tool (Dremel or other brand) and any accessories you have on hand. Bring a cut open and cleaned gourd suitable for carving and your basic tool box. Bring a woodburner if you have one; I have a few for shared class use. Bring a dust mask or purchase one at class.

Suitable carving burs and other supplies will be available for purchase.

Leather Tooled -SIGN UP NOW

Water and Wind -SIGN UP NOW

Carving with Cutouts, $90
Monday- 9am-4pm

This workshop is designed for those that have taken a carving class in the past and/or feel comfortable with their power carving tools and the basic techniques. You'll learn about designing, dimensional 3-D carving, and carving with cutouts. Bring a power rotary tool (Dremel or other brand) and any accessories you have on hand. Bring a thick gourd suitable for carving and your basic tool box. A mini jig saw may be helpful but is not necessary. Bring a dust mask or purchase one at class. More details will be provided to all registrants.

Carving with Cutouts -SIGN UP NOW

Note: Even when a class is full, spaces often open up - please email Linda if you want to be on the waiting list for any of these classes.

Sign up for the retreat and/or classes!

Email Linda at Linda@amstamps.com
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