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Alcohol Ink on Glass

Alcohol inks on glass

Ranger Alcohol Inks are stunning on glass.

Alcohol inks and Krylon on glass
Ranger Alcohol Inks/Krylon Pen on Glass
The domino embellishment and glass pebble
are also colored with Ranger Alcohol Inks.

  • You can use colored or clear glass
  • Scribble on some Krylon metallic ink
  • Drip alcohol inks on glass
  • Drip Blender Fluid on glass
  • Felt or pom pom to dab at the mixture
  • You can hold the glass piece and turn it while the mixture is still liquid to get swirls
  • Repeat until you like the way it looks. :)
The paperweight started out as a clear glass sphere from the 99 Cent Store.
The bottle was green glass- also from the 99 Cent Store.
The round glass piece on the bottle is a flat backed glass marble from a Craft Store.

Try inking up some glass pieces. You can create stunning faux art glass in minutes.

This piece started out with a black Thrift Store frame. I colored the frame using alcohol inks, and then decided to color the glass too.
I used one of the After Midnight background stamps on one section, inked it with clear Versamark, heat embossed it, and then colored the entire piece of glass with the same colors of alcohol inks used on the frame.
Other elements are done using Opals Embossing Powders. The colors of the Opals EP coordinate with the alcohol inks beautifully.

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